Where are you located?
We’re in Littleton, Colorado, near the intersection of Kipling and Coal Mine, right next to Fun City. 9700 Old Coal Mine Avenue.  Here’s a map.
What kind of church are you?
We’re a friendly, welcoming church. We sing upbeat songs, study and share together, and like to have fun. Columbine Hills is part of the Church of the Nazarene. To learn more about Nazarenes, visit To learn a little about what we believe, check out What We Believe.
Do I need to dress up to visit?
Not at all! You’re welcome no matter how you’re dressed. Some of us wear suits and dresses, others wear jeans. Come as you are!
Will I be expected to give money when I visit?
What, when, where, and how much you give is between you and God. If you choose to give through us, we promise to use your gift wisely.
When can I visit?
Our primary meeting time is Sunday morning at 10:00am. You’re welcome to call the church office anytime and schedule an appointment to meet our staff.